Logan Redbone


Logan Redbone


Logan grew up high in the mountains, a harsh and cold place. It was filled with different clans, and every man prided himself on his warrior prowess. The clans warred constantly, causing the balance of power to be in constant flux. A warrior in the mountains became a Named Man once he’d truly proven himself above the norm, named for a deed in the battle that showed him to be so great. The name given to Logan was “Redbone”, on the fact that he turned the tide of a battle single-handed after he went into a blood rage seeing his father killed (who was second to their Chief), but at the end of the battle he was seen to have a broken arm, the bone actively protruding from the skin, but so caked in dried blood it appeared red, not white. From then on he was known as Redbone, a fierce and honourable warrior. He took his father’s place as second to the Chief of the Red Wolves, and the clan rose ever higher in power until they were challenged by the infamous Golden Hands, the dominant tribe for decades. The Red Wolves fought well but they were outnumbered and ultimately defeated. His Chief was executed, but as tradition dictated Redbone and his surviving men were given a choice: leave the mountains, or join the Golden Hands. Almost all chose to join, but Redbone at this stage, now middle-aged, had grown weary of the constant bloodshed and chose to leave. He now seems a somewhat quieter life, but lives by a number of sayings from his father, one of which was: Blood will always seek blood. And with the number of men he killed, Redbone had made more than a few enemies, some of whom may even leave the mountain to find him.

Basic Information

Race Goliath
Class Barbarian
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