Lady Ambassador Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi


Lady Ambassador Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi


Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi was born on Vill in 1485 A.S in a very happy family. During her childhood, she learnt the links of magic and nature and quickly showed great gifts as a Shaman. However she struggled a lot in learning magic, learning more from experiences than theory. Her life was struck with tragedy when her father died of the Red Plague and her mother left Vill, vanishing completely. Determined to find her again, Ryvvierra kept on learning magic until she herself became a competent Shaman.

Starting to travel the galaxy, she was called upon to join the meeting of the Elders on Caribel in 1832 A.S where she joined the crew of the Constellation. Creating a strong bond with the group, she fell in love with Laerk Maribor, a Human Sulirien who joined the crew of the Constellation after the Battle of the Bull. With the crew of the Constellation, they went beyond the borders of the Unknown Regions to find Shylvvia Ruravrevzi, Ryvvierra’s mother, and found her on Methoxor where she had attempted to open a gateway to the Gifter’s Realm. Managing to get her safely back onto their ship, they came back to the Sulirien Empire where Ryvvierra defended her mother and avoided her arrest by Imperial authorities.

Basic Information

Race Ulrichien
Class Shaman
Date of Birth 1485 A.S
Place of Birth Vill (Ulrichien System)
Faction Ulrichien System
Ship The Constellation
Appeared in
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