Alyssum Garnett


Alyssum Garnett


Alyssum Garnet was born in the backstreets of the rocky planet Ruhl in 1804 A.S. She lived her childhood on Pleasure Street, the infamous brothel paradise of the capital of the Vega System where her mother would work. Trying her best to avoid her mother’s fate, she spent her days in the nearby shipyards and spaceships construction sites where she learnt the craft of space engineering and piloting.

When she became an adult, Alyssum left her home and began working as a smuggler, using her knowledge of ships to outsmart anyone that would be a threat to her contracts. She quickly became one of the best pilots of the Vega System and one of the best smugglers. Saving money constantly to make sure she will never end up like her mother did.

Basic Information

Race Vegarel Human
Class Smuggler
Date of Birth 1804 A.S
Place of Birth Ruhl (Vega System)
Faction Vega System
Ship The Starshine
Appeared in