Aegis was created to be a healthcare companion at Candlekeep, but after his insistent prodding to take care of themselves became too much for his creators to handle, they forced him to leave. Confused by this situation, Aegis found the first organics outside of Candlekeep and bonded with them, meeting Merry and Daphne as they came to try and present Daphne’s latest findings to the adherents at Candlekeep.


A short while later, Merry, Daphne and Aegis set off on a quest to Greenest searching for Merry’s missing mentor, and on the road they found Morc and Kasper running a dangerously long foot race, which Aegis ensured they survived by factoring in regular rest breaks which are required by organics.

Basic Information

Race Warforged
Class Life Domain Cleric
Worships The Platinum Dragon
Created at Candlekeep
Played by John John
Profile Picture by Pendragon Nomad