Hangry Bunnies From Mars – Bouncy Shooter – One Shot – Let’s Play Hangry Bunnies From Mars Gameplay

We are delving back into the world of VR today, and taking on the cute little bouncing monsters that are the Hangry Bunnies from Mars

Today’s video is a One-Shot Let’s Play of Hangry Bunnies from Mars. It shows off Hangry Bunnies from Mars Gameplay, mostly with me trying to figure out how the mechanics work and trying out the gameplay. It’s a first impression, so don’t expect a full Hangry Bunnies from Mars tutorial – but I’ll explain what I can as I figure it out.

Get Hangry Bunnies from Mars (Steam) – http://store.steampowered.com/app/672…

Or Visit the website – https://www.hangrybunnies.com/

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