Rook takes Castle! Thorium Ep.13

Big Build time – step 1 – layout!

AG in the sky with Harpies – Thorium Ep.12

Also in this episode – Mistakes were made!

All that for an Ivy Whip! Thorium Ep.11

The Jungle holds more mobs, which always has the potential for more loots!

How do I Youtube? Thorium EP 10

More AG!

EYE POD – Get it? – Thorium Ep 9

This is why you don’t throw stuff willy nilly.

FIANLLY! Thorium Ep 8.

Excuse the audio Glitches… I had some noise gate issues. Hope you like the new intro and end slates!

What do you call a Dear with no Eyes? Thorum Ep.7

Seriously, where are the eyes hiding!?

Premium Housing! Thorium Ep.6

We run out of housing, inventory space, Lenses etc….

More Thunder Bird Loots! – Thorium Ep.5

Let’s make the fight easier, whist making a space to fight the eye!

Tunnel of the gods! Thorium Ep.4

We are finally strong enough to pass through the crimson and it yields some awesome rewards! Now, time for...

Grand Thunder Bird! Thorium Ep.3

We tackle the creation of the summon and the first fight of the first boss in Thorium as well...

Building Bridges and Digging holes – Thorium Ep .2

We press on… the worldgen gives us some bad luck with no way down so there is only one...

Welcome to Thorium! Thorium Ep.1

Let’s kick off our let’s play of Thorium Mod by doing what we always do in Terraria! Punch Trees...