Joining Our TShock Server

Our Terraria Server is running TShock with Server Side characters enabled – this means that your character data is saved on the server – this helps prevent griefing or white-knighting.

To Join

Click Multiplayer on the Terraria Menu Screen – you want to Join via IP

ssc 1

Select or create a character, do not worry about your gear, as it won’t come with you, and it won’t be deleted – the character you pick will be used for your appearance and character name only.

ssc 2

the server ‘IP’ you’ll need to enter is

ssc 3

The Port will be 7777

ssc 4

When you first log into the server, if you have never logged in before, you’ll be frozen and stoned and unable to move – this is so you’ll be protected whilst you register or login you’ll be presented with this message.

‘Server  side characters is enabled! Please /register or /login to play’

If you then press enter to open the chat and type:

/register XXX

where XXX is a password, make it password you can remeber, it could be butts, or IamAFish or whatever, just make it unique

For example if I wanted this character to have a password of ‘cheese’ I would type

/register cheese

ssc 5

You’ll then get the success message!

ssc 6

But you arent done yet – simply type:

/login cheese (or whatever your password was)

And you’ll be unfrozen and good to go!