Internet Archive has 1000 Windows 3.1 Games Available for Free

1000 Windows 3.1 DOS Games Added to Internet Archive

PC Gaming has come a long way since the early 90s. The nightmare work arounds, pseudo codings hardware fixes and upgrades we had to go through to get some trite or classic games to run was half the fun. Nowadays, who am I kidding? It’s exactly the same, but with the addition of online functionality. As our computers have progressed our ability to play some of the older games have become harder and harder to play. Computers have become to fast at processing, and any fixes can still have the odd crash or image issue.

This past Friday, 11th February, the non-profit Internet Archive expanded its curation of games with over 1000 Windows 3.1 games and programs. All the games are free to play and are emulated within your browser.

In a blog post, Jason Scott of Internet Archive said:

Windows 3.1 still holds a special place in computer history, and we’re pleased to give you a bridge back to this lost trove of software. Indeed, the colorful and unique look of Windows 3/3.1 is a 16-bit window into what programs used to be like, and depending on the graphical whims of the programmers, could look futuristic or incredibly basic. For many who might remember working in that environment, the view of the screenshots of some of the hosted programs will bring back long-forgotten memories. And clicking on these screenshots will make them come alive in your browser

The full arcive can be found here.

Below are a selection of games you may remember or find interesting:


Jill of the Jungle

P0le Position


Crosscountry Canada (Canadian Version of Oregon Trail)

Maniac Mansion Enhanced

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Manhatten

Ski or Die

Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe

Lode Runner

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe


Lucky Luke

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