After the previous slog, we’ve got a simple extraction for our troops coming up that will net us a new scientist. Let’s get them out of that city. It’s time for Operation Bleak Horror.

This is a “Let’s Play” series of XCom 2 with the Long War 2 mod. Developed by Firaxis (Xcom 2) and Long War Studios (Pavonis Interactive), and the sequel to the much celebrated XCom Enemy Unknown (and Enemy Within expansion), the gameplay has been expanded upon in many ways. We’re running with mods this time – specifically the Long War 2 total conversion mod. We also have Alien Hunters and Shen’s Last Gift DLC enabled.

This series should give a good overview of the way XCom 2 Long War 2 Gameplay works, but it is not intended as a Long War 2 Tutorial – just a playthrough. We will get to show off the new parts of the total conversion though and will be learning as we go.

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