Minecraft Mondays – Void Mining Clear up and Stall Building – Episode 1

Posted by:

JohnFBF, RandomShern


3 years ago


Minecraft Mondays

John and Sian are back on the Modded Minecraft server working on Castle and the town contained within. In this episode, John works on ensuring they never need to worry about resources again with some Void Mining while Sian is building up the stalls that will take centre stage in the marketplace.

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John is one of the founding members of Final Boss Fight and was the original Tech Ninja. He now oversees a lot of the production of videos and podcasts for the site and is a constant voice in both of them.


If it involves creativity, Shern probably has an interest in it, from cosplay to crafts, textiles to drawing, being creative is what she does best. She is also a gamer who has just started the slippery descent into the rabbit hole that is DnD.