Jurassic World: Evolution “The Ballad of Barry the Triceratops”

Hello! Commander Crumpet here!!

Well.. Despite my best intentions with the last video I made; promising a return to video making.. It didn’t really pan out due to many things getting in the way and stopping me…..

HOWEVER!!! Here I go again with a whole new fresh attempt! And we’re starting BIG with Jurassic World: Evolution! A new park management sim, Published and Developed by Frontier Developments!

Marvel: as I play god, resurrecting long dead creatures!

Ponder: as I manage my park in the most kak-handed way possible!

Wonder: whether there will be an intermission as I waffle on for over an hour!

Here’s the game’s website: https://www.jurassicworldevolution.co…

Here’s the Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/64…

And here’s Frontiers website: https://www.frontier.co.uk/

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