Journey of the Immortals: Round 2 – One-shot Wonders – Final Boss Fight Nerd Night

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Skarr, It's Ben Again, JohnFBF, Karboom, Maritime Maddie, Commander Crumpet, Pendragon Nomad


2 years ago


One-Shot Wonders

The Trojan War is over and now it’s time to head back to Greece. With a lot of the boats used to get to Troy turned into a giant wooden horse, our heroes have no choice but to work together and ride a single boat home. Nothing can possibly go wrong for the six demigods on the Cerebus… right? — Watch live at

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SKARR is co-creator and animator of the YouTube channel “Geek Worlds”. Scriptwriter, film director, editor and actor, SKARR evolves mainly in the fields of cinema, storytelling and gaming.

It's Ben Again

Awesome Voice Over Artist with a smooth voice.


John is one of the founding members of Final Boss Fight and was the original Tech Ninja. He now oversees a lot of the production of videos and podcasts for the site and is a constant voice in both of them.


Karboom is all about writing, roleplaying and gaming. He took his first step on the abyss that is Youtube along with his pal Skarr.

Maritime Maddie

A Cute Canadian Viewer we tricked into playing Dungeons and Dragons in the middle of her afternoon. She also sometimes post random videos online once in a blue moon.

Commander Crumpet

Sean showed up one day on the sofa during the podcast and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since. But that’s fine, because he likes the same cool stuff we do, and has a rad selection of Dungeons and Dragons books.

Pendragon Nomad

Actual real-life Dragon huzzah!! Concept Artist and a Dragon Lover. Always Hungry and Tired.