The Vault of the Dragons


JohnFBF, It's Ben Again, Steamedchu Cosplay, Tales of Gaming Addiction, Pendragon Nomad


Dungeons and Dragons


January 17, 2021 - 12:00am


The Trollskull team are in trouble. Lord Cassalanter knows that they have the Stone of Golorr and is chasing them for it. Their best plan of action is to head to the Vault quickly and recover the Dragons.


John is one of the founding members of Final Boss Fight and was the original Tech Ninja. He now oversees a lot of the production of videos and podcasts for the site and is a constant voice in both of them.

It's Ben Again

Awesome Voice Over Artist with a smooth voice.

Steamedchu Cosplay

A cosplayer, comedian in training and cat lover. Just remember steamed is better for you’re health. 😉

Tales of Gaming Addiction

Tales of Gaming Addiction is a Twitch Streamer focusing on playing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games.

Pendragon Nomad

Actual real-life Dragon huzzah!! Concept Artist and a Dragon Lover. Always Hungry and Tired.