Testing the Fluxchargers


JohnFBF, MW Cosplay, NoBadVibes, Commander Crumpet, Pendragon Nomad, Angel


Dungeons and Dragons


March 22, 2020 - 12:00am


The group has been asked to check Feathergale Spire for recent activity and found that it is once again occupied by members of a cult worshipping the air. They claim to have been working to merge elementals, creating Fluxchargers, Storm Elementals channelling the power of both air and water. The group tried to leave, but the cult moved to block their path.


John is one of the founding members of Final Boss Fight and was the original Tech Ninja. He now oversees a lot of the production of videos and podcasts for the site and is a constant voice in both of them.

MW Cosplay

Greetings all!

My Name’s Mike and I have only been playing DnD for a year, if you need a character that just there to make you laugh, I am your man! RELIGGIIIIOOONNNNNN!!!


Kiri McClure is a 19-year-old University student. He plays in several different RPG campaigns but he mainly plays the lovable Tiefling Warlock, Borrowed in FBF’s Storm King’s Thunder D&D Campaign.

Commander Crumpet

Sean showed up one day on the sofa during the podcast and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since. But that’s fine, because he likes the same cool stuff we do, and has a rad selection of Dungeons and Dragons books.

Pendragon Nomad

Actual real-life Dragon huzzah!! Concept Artist and a Dragon Lover. Always Hungry and Tired.


A crazy American sounding British girl who plays video games and has really shitty recording equipment cause she’s poor.