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Karboom is all about writing, roleplaying and gaming. He took his first step on the abyss that is Youtube along with his pal Skarr.


My name is Karboom and I’m one of the Youtuber on the channel Geek Worlds. I do mostly gaming videos but aside from that, I’m all about writing and taking interest in nerd stuff. My only curse is my weak computer that I have to bear with until I finally access a machine that will allow me to play my whole Steam collection.

How did I get here?

The first time I heard about the FBF crew was through Skarr who was already hanging with them here and there. I met them myself at Comic-Con London and joined them on a few Discord chats, some games, etc…

Things I do with the channel

DnD – I’m a massive writer, meaning I write about basically everything. Writing characters is a card I got to explore with FBF in a few DnDs that I still follow after over a year. I have a deep love for roleplaying paper games and I can finally satisfy that passion with the FBF crew.

Conventions – I got to meet the FBF people face to face in May 2018 at Comic-Con. Although, though to pull given I live in France, attending these conventions allows me to enjoy some quality time with our Youtuber colleagues.

Video – Already appearing in the DnDs videos of FBF, maybe we can enjoy some other collabs later on, who knows? We love goofing around!

Karboom is a member of the Geek Worlds

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