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Chris is a rocker, gamer and father with a perchance for retro-inspired titles and Sandbox games. He’s a regular twitch.tv streamer and YouTuber that takes care of the day-to-day web development of FBF.

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AirGuitarist is currently offline

40-Something Year old Rocker, Gamer and Father. Sandbox and MMO enthusiast / general derp.

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Minecraft Mondays

John and friends dives back into Minecraft with a brand new modpack focusing on automating things with Create and eventually heading to SPACE!


Can see the code!

Made the Final Boss Fight website... or at least most of the parts that work.

Sandbox Master

An expert at making their own way and building things.

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30 Days of Video Game Music – Cover by a different artist

Over on the Final Boss Fight Discord, we have been taking a look at the 30 Days of Video...

Welcome to v1.1

It's here, it's live and not a loading bar in sight.

I (still) want to be the very best

FBF trundle on into London Town for a bit old school Pokemon and a trip down memory lane.

Videos featuring Chris

Minecraft: Create Above and Beyond

Now that the main chapter 2 process is automated, it’s time to start the second half of the chapter…...

Minecraft: Create Above and Beyond

Now that we’ve put together the chapter 2 machines and can make Brass Machines we can use them to...

Minecraft: Create Above and Beyond

Crushing Stone to get Iron… seems reasonable… we’ll need it for the Electron tubes. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

Minecraft: Create Above and Beyond

It’s time to start working on the Sky Stone Infini-mill, processing the Sky Stone into dust and the start...