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Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Xavix of Selrig

Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Xavix of Selrig

Posted 1 month ago by Geoff

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games. In this edition, for the first time, we sent a researcher into space to boldly go and ask the bounty hunter Xavix of Selrig what his musical tastes are.

Bounty Hunter

Xavix of Selrig is a Bounty Hunter – it’s all he’s known and all he’s ever done.  Whether tracking his mark through a populated city or a dense swamp, he goes where the money is, no matter how dark the deed required or how elusive his prey.  It’s a dirty business, but he’s one of the best. They never see him coming.


Xavix has some fond memories of his time growing up, learning and training in the Bounty Hunter Temple on his homeworld of Selrig.  He remembers having friends, getting into trouble, and generally doing all the things that boys get up to before they get caught. A time of fun, laughter, and happiness that seems a lifetime ago now.

Among the Stars

Xavix has always known that he belongs in space.  To be out there with no boundaries, no barriers, able to go where one wishes.  Total freedom. It is only when out in the black aboard the Dark Star that Xavix feels truly at peace.  He’s seen a lot – more than most – but the endless universe still brings out a sense of childlike wonder in him.

The Dark Star

Xavix and his allies have seen a lot of action – the Battle of the Bull, the Siege of Loeb, the War for Mirage Station – they’ve gone wherever they’ve been needed, sometimes with the full support of whichever military force has requested their aid, sometimes without.  No matter what the mission or the odds, the crew of the Dark Star meet it head on.


Xavix has an eyepiece from his Temple days.  It carries an Identify Friend-or-Foe Heads-Up Display that outlines friends in green and foes in red.  Xavix’s IFF displays everyone in red. A betrayal in his past by those he thought he could rely on has caused him to never fully trust anyone ever again.  Apart from maybe one person.


The Gifter promises a person anything they can ever want, however Xavix knows from bitter experience that some gifts come at too high a price.  He’s never trusted the maybe-god, maybe-demon entity and he never will, going so far as to destroy any signs of the Gifter’s influence from his allies, whether they like it or not.


There is one person Xavix feels he may turn to in a bind.  One person he feels he can still rely on even after everyone else he trusted turned against him.  Brandiven Chancey. A few years below him in the Temple, Brandiven was always trying to prove himself to the older Xavix.  He believed Xavix never noticed him. But Xavix did. Brandiven is the only person in the entire universe who shows up as green on Xavix’s IFF.  And he’s the only person who ever will.

Final Salute

With the increasingly dangerous situations the crew of the Dark Star find themselves in, Xavix is under no illusions as to what his eventual fate will be.  Whether it be stopping a great enemy, a glorious battle against insurmountable odds or just to get the mission completed, Xavix’s only hope is that when it happens it will have meaning.  That something of him may be remembered.



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