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Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Briar Gardenier

Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Briar Gardenier

Queen Creeps
Posted 1 year ago by John

This week, the young ranger Briar vocally sent us this list, as she is still learning how to write.

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games and so I present to you a hopefully weekly article featuring the playlist of each of the characters. This week, the young ranger Briar vocally sent us this list, as she is still learning how to write.


Briar is rarely ever seen without a smile on her face. She is always cheery and optimistic about life. However, her life on the streets has also contributed to her cheeky and trickster nature. She lacks manners, is not afraid to say what she thinks about people, and above all, is infamous for being a thief in Xantharl’s Keep. You might find your pockets to be slightly lighter after having a conversation with her.

The Greenwarden’s Attack

In order to redeem herself in the eyes of the town, Briar took it upon herself to become a forest ranger and defend the surrounding forests from monster attacks. It is a task she never tries to cut corners around. Nature was what protected her for the past three years, and she will not tolerate any malicious damage towards it.

Her Lullaby

Briar has no clear memory of her family. She vaguely remembers her parents and remembers that the obsidian shard she has in her possession belonged to one of them. But sometimes when she settles down for the night, this song starts to sound in her mind. It gives her a feeling of security and comfort. Perhaps it was a song her mother once sang to her…


Briar follows the way of the gloom stalkers. She prefers to hunt at night, where she can remain hidden and stealth through the forest. The cold nights in the forest have made her immune to any fear of the monsters that lurk around her. Her dark vision pierces the night so that any creature that tries to hide from her will soon find themselves pierced with arrows.

An Unpaid Debt

One day, in the cold and damp mists of Xantharl’s Keep, a travelling ranger happened upon a twelve-year-old child, huddled under a worn and torn sack. She was as thin as a stick, with a hollow and desperate look in her eyes. Taking pity on the poor girl, the man passed onto her his spare bow and spared her a number of arrows. He pointed her towards the forest, telling her that she should teach herself to hunt; that stealing and begging should not be her future. He patted her on the shoulder, before departing on his way. Little does that man know that to this day, the now fifteen-year-old girl still wishes to repay him for saving her life.

A Death Sentence

She’s known. She’s known all this time she has the death curse. Being attacked by a monster, waking up in a temple, dark veins appearing on her wrist, sudden chest pains; and then the rumours began. She tried so hard to push it away; to make herself believe she never died in the first place. She had so much to live for, so much more to do. And yet this curse continued to slowly suffocate the life out of her. Nobody was there to help her. Nobody was there to tell her it would be okay. She felt more isolated and alone than she ever had, with the foreshadowing of her death looming in the back of her mind. She needed someone, anyone, more than she thought.


Briar would never take back the day she met the team. She finds it impossible to dislike anything about them. Caelynn, who constantly shows her love and affection; Lunar, who protects her from anything that tries to harm her; Jaghol, who she can drink and laugh with all night long; Talon, her brother figure, who always encouraging her; and Fenthwick, who never fails to remind her that he is there for her, whenever she needs help. And now that she has these people in her life, she refuses to leave their side, no matter what.


There is no doubt that Briar sees everyone in the team as a family, in one way or another. But deep down, she feels the safest around Fenthwick. She cannot pinpoint what it is, but when she stays near him, she feels like nothing bad can happen. Her favourite moments are when he helps her learn how to read and right. Lessons may be boring for some, but it is what Briar looks forward to the most. Maybe Fenthwick reminds her of someone important to her…


Adventures are always fun, although Briar enjoys it most when she is riding on someone’s back. Whether she is clinging to Jaghol’s small form, riding on the animal back of a transformed Fenthwick, or being comfortably carried by Talon (who is constantly watching to make sure she does not steal anything from him); she knows that she has somebody there to enjoy the journey with.



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