DND Characters


Fiery Leaf (Filif)

Filif is a 6ft20 tall black-furred Tabaxi, with a large white-furred stain in the middle of his back. He also got a vertical lin...

Race: Tabaxi Class: Totem Warrior Barbarian


Riardon Iathrana

Riardon was born in Elysium, the outer plane of existence. Riardon has two older sisters and one younger brother. He was raised in poor conditions ...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Drunken Master Monk


Torinn Verthisathurgiesh

Torinn was born at home and raised for the early years of his life by his parents until he fled from him following the death of his younger sister....

Race: Black Dragonborn Class: Paladin


Theodas Loracaryn

Theodas was born at home, and has three older sisters, one younger sister and two younger brothers. He had a modest upbringing, never really having...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Druid


Fenthwick Fizzlebang

Fenthwick was born at home, the youngest of three children. They had a modest upbringing, in a large house. His mother and older sister vanished wi...

Race: Gnome Class: Druid


Caelynn Liadon

Caelynn knew her parents and was born on a boat at sea. She is an only child, who was raised by her parents. Her father was a sailor who was obsess...

Race: Elf Class: Dragon Blooded Sorcerer


Jaghol Bloodheart

Jaghol knew his parents and was born at home. He has two older sisters, who are both alive but doing poorly at the moment. Their upbringing was poo...

Race: Dwarf Class: Cleric/ Blood Hunter


Lunar Silvermoon

Stupidly long Black hair silver eyes

Black navy and white gown that covers her from neck to toes and her arms, it seems to magically repel d...

Race: Human Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer


Briar Gardenier

Briar knew her parents and was born at a temple. Briar has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. Her parents disappeared to an unkno...

Race: Human Class: Ranger/Rogue


Talon Shadowkin

Living with adoptive Human family (Emiline and Robert Wayne). Your birth parents (Joan and Bernard) disappeared to an unknown fate. Family lived in...

Race: Human Class: Rogue (Assassin)