DND Characters


Calderax Greycastle


Race: Tiefling Class: Cleric


Nepharine Larimar

Nepharine didn’t know her birth parents, who disappeared to an unknown fate. She was raised by a guardian, Bernie Cribbles in Bywick, a human...

Race: Elf Class: Fighter (Arcane Archer)


Claire Mystralath

Claire was born in a forest. Her father was a full bloodied elf and her mother was a human. Claire has an older brother and two younger sisters. Th...

Race: Half Elf Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer



Lortar was born at home to a human father and an orc mother. He has an older brother. Lortar and his family had a modest amount of money while grow...

Race: Half Orc Class: Barbarian



Eralith had a poor start in life, raised in an institution after his mother was kidnapped in a raiding party and his father, distraught by the loss...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Ranger


Logan Redbone

Logan grew up high in the mountains, a harsh and cold place. It was filled with different clans, and every man prided himself on his warrior prowes...

Race: Goliath Class: Barbarian


Nemmonis Kriv

Nemmonis Kriv was an only child, born at home. He knew both of his parents, but they were killed in battle when he was young. As war ravaged his ho...

Race: Dragonborn Class: Death Knight


Luze Weiss

Luze was born in a barn and has a younger brother and a younger sister. Both her wealthy parents are alive and well. Luze had several friends and l...

Race: Human Class: Paladin


Chupacabra (Kal-re Tek)

When the crops feeding the small village Kal-re was born in began failing, the townspeople who had generally ignored their little farm, turned quic...

Race: Tiefling Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)


Lady Shinju Kotone

Shinju was performing on tour trying to raise the funds for a special project. While in Xantharl’s Keep the town was besieged by members of t...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Bard


Seraphine Reese

Seraphine was born in an alley. She has 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. They were poor growing up, and Seraphine was expected to marry into...

Race: Gnome Class: Bard


Romad Suarfang

Romad was born to a human father and an orc mother in a temple of Lathander. He has an older sister and a younger sister. Romad had a modest upbrin...

Race: Half Orc Class: Warlock


Fiery Leaf (Filif)

Filif is a 6ft20 tall black-furred Tabaxi, with a large white-furred stain in the middle of his back. He also got a vertical lin...

Race: Tabaxi Class: Totem Warrior Barbarian


Riardon Iathrana

Riardon was born in Elysium, the outer plane of existence. Riardon has two older sisters and one younger brother. He was raised in poor conditions ...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Drunken Master Monk


Torinn Verthisathurgiesh

Torinn was born at home and raised for the early years of his life by his parents until he fled from him following the death of his younger sister....

Race: Black Dragonborn Class: Paladin