Dagmer “Redsmile” Pelyadon

Dagmer grew up with his grandparents, as his parents were imprisoned for piracy. His upbringing was modest, and they moved around a lot. He had a f...

Race: Human Class: Fighter


Sybil Prideblossom

Sybil was born at home and was an only child. She had a modest upbringing, moving into a mansion with her parents which they inherited from a dista...

Race: Human Class: Paladin



Creed knew both his human parents, their infernal legacy had been long dormant until he came along. When Creed was young, his father abandoned him ...

Race: Tiefling Class: Monk


Nixit Knock

Nixit grew up on the streets stealing from those that had more than she did. She was part of a gang of criminal orphans who accepted her for what s...

Race: Kobold Class: Warlock


Aeric Kriggabror

Aeric was born among near Waterdeep, amongst people of other races. He grew up in a comfortable lifestyle with his parents in a mansion. He had sev...

Race: Firbolg Class: Ranger


Alyssum Garnett

Alyssum Garnet was born in the backstreets of the rocky planet Ruhl in 1804 A.S. She lived her childhood on Pleasure Street, the infamous brothel p...

Race: Vegarel Human Class: Smuggler


Lord Orion of Selrig

Orion was created and built on the factories of Aton IV, originally as a soldier cyborg but failed to pass the crucial tests and was put to the dum...

Race: Cyborg Class: Bounty Hunter


Lord Valoor-Nuun Dorkan

Valoor-Nuun always existed to fight. He died a first time in a battle with Ulrichians. He lived and died as a gladiator. As he began his third life...

Race: Chronogian


Lord Ambassador Trephor Minerva

Trephor Minerva was born on Aton IV in 1803 A.S and was the only child of the Minerva family. His father was a trader of the Guild of Spices and hi...

Race: Human Hilvetian Class: Mechanical Engineer


Lady Ambassador Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi

Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi was born on Vill in 1485 A.S in a very happy family. During her childhood, she learnt the links of magic and nature and quickl...

Race: Ulrichien Class: Shaman


Lord Ambassador Mahrden Mahrahzoo

Mahrden Mahrahzoo was born on the swamp planet Atrig III in 1827 A.S. He never knew his parents and was a lone child which is uncommon for Xzaffens...

Race: Xzaffen Class: Saboteur


Dalnorix V. Avtenar

Dalnorix is a former trader who turned to the Church of the Faith when he was younger and has worked through the ranks until he became a bishop. He...

Race: Geamun Class: Bishop


Brandiven Chancey

Brandiven Chancey was born in the Chancey Estate on Lux II in 1797 A.S. He was the only son of Aryian and Natlia Chancey, leaders of the Guild of S...

Race: Human Class: Bounty Hunter


Xavix of Selrig

Born in the Northern Cities of Selrig in 1792 A.S (After Suliri), Xavix of Selrig was soon noticed for his incredible skills in fighting and agilit...

Race: Human Class: Bounty Hunter



Rvvrevrn has always been fascinated by anatomy and things known as “miracles of medicines”.
Trained as a healer, he was not limit...

Race: Ulrichien Class: Healer