DND Characters


Selene Featherglade

Selene Featherglade was born in the peaceful island of Evermeet, where Seraphine and Simon had settled down with Theodas after resolving the Death ...

Race: Half-gnome Class: Horizon Walker Ranger


Nisha Greycastle

When Morx bought home baby Esk, it triggered parental feelings in Malzire Chernadawn and Calderax Greycastle and they sought out a baby of their ow...

Race: Tiefling Class: College of Glamours Bard


Mordecai Theodas Liadon

Mordecai was born to Caelynn Liadon and her orc husband Mord. He was raised in a loving home with both his parents and his twin sister. While visit...

Race: Half Orc Half Elf Class: Dragon Blooded Sorcerer



Esk was born to Morx Chernadawn and Reeze. He grew up with both of his parents, although they both continued to live the dangerous lives of being a...

Race: Lizardfolk Class: Circle of Dreams Druid


Nemmonis Kriv Jr.

Nemmonis Kriv Jr. has lived the life of an orphan, his parents both fell in battle before he was 5 years old. Poetry escaped from the site of the b...

Race: Dragonborn (mostly) Class: Paladin


Keros Aasenath

Keros is a man with no past. He woke up one day on a beach with no memory of his former life, just vague flashes of swimming with a mysterious othe...

Race: Triton Class: Path of the Storm Herald Barbarian


Pyralis Brim

Pyralis Brim grew up with her parents and siblings on the family farm until her teenage years, when an incident with some thieves attempting to ste...

Race: Aasimar Class: Oath of Vengeance Paladin and Hexblade Warlock



Hau was orphaned at a young age and was taken into a monastery at the top of the mountains where the monks worship the wind goddess Akadi. Hau spen...

Race: Air Genasi Class: Monk


Milo Tealeaf

Milo was born in the Twin Paradises of Bytopia. When his parents passed away to a disease, Milo was raised by his grandparents. They moved around a...

Race: Lightfoot Halfling Class: Wizard


Sir Hector Hopsworth

While looking for work, Hector found his way to Sparrow Falls, a small mysterious island off of the Sword Coast where he fights with fallen gods an...

Race: Grung Class: Paladin of Torm



Borrowed was kidnapped a few days after he was born and taken to the Feywild by an archfey called Bluebell, or Blue for short. Recently he found th...

Race: Tiefling Class: Hexblade Warlock


Somas Sunshine

Somas Sunshine first encountered the crew on Mirage Base, where they rescued him from the cloning experiment of Abraham Shadowmark. He had been dis...

Race: Jwads Class: Insurgent


Gernak Bloodclaws

Gernak was born on the savannah plains, but was enslaved alongside the rest of his tribe and lived in labour and mining camps. His parents were kil...

Race: Orc Class: Warlock


Lidda Underfoot

Lidda was born in the home of a family friend and was raised by her mother. Lidda had a modest upbringing, living in a large mansion. She had a few...

Race: Halfling Class: Ranger


Kiirith Norixuis

Kiirith knew their parents and was born in a castle. Their parents were wealthy and they grew up in a large house with a few friends. Kiirith had a...

Race: Dragonborn Class: Cleric