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Storm King’s Thunder

Returning a Favour

As Talon faces a critical moment, he turns to a recent memory to aid him...

Back on the Road

Three years after the destruction of the Stormraven, Talon returns to the mainland. Where will his path take...

Raven’s Fall

Talon finds that a life on the ocean waves suits him, but will it last?


A chance encounter in Mintarn gives Talon something he never thought he’d have again

Wings of the Raven

Following the dragon's attack on his old boat... Talon finds the life of a seafarer is a lot harder...

The Ocean’s Bounty

Talon tries to run from the events of his past on the trading ship Ocean's Bounty. Can he...


After the events of Hawk's Nest, Briar has a question to ask Talon

Danyel and Astrid

A young runaway in the city of Sundabar finds his life - and his future - about to take...

Infiltrating the Dragon Cult – An Assault on Skyreach Castle Prequel

Nemmonis hung on for dear life. He had never liked flying much, and even less so from the feet...

For Luze

“Until we meet again”, he whispered.