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A Heart in Exile – The Song of the Dead Past – Part 2

Theodas and Jehan started riding as soon as dawn came. They had been riding south for a few days...

A Heart in Exile – The Song of the Dead Past – Part 1

The fire was cracking merrily in the middle of the small camp. A human woman dressed in leather armour,...

Finding Home – Part 1

Just keep walking. 


At the end of his travels, Talon meets someone and his life will change forever...

Grosa’s Death

I can't lie to myself any more.

The Brigands And The Barbarian

Talon sets out to rescue some kidnapped villagers, but can he do it alone?

A New Beginning

It had been twenty days since the events at Lyn Armaal.  Twenty days since the heart of our team...

The Long Road

After fleeing from Amphail, Talon arrives in Red Larch, looking for peace, quiet, and easy work. Will he...

A Heart in Exile – A Promise of Love – Part 3

Theodas opened his eyes as the first ray of sunshine came into his room. He could hear birds singing...

Space Odysseus – A Brief Respite

Following the Siege of Loeb, Gunter chats with Ryvvierra and Brandiven before they head on to their next adventures.