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London MCM Expo – May 2017 Competition Time

Geoff and myself are heading to the Vidfest area of the MCM Expo this weekend, and look forward to...

Welcome to v1.1

It's here, it's live and not a loading bar in sight.

I (still) want to be the very best

FBF trundle on into London Town for a bit old school Pokemon and a trip down memory lane.

Sidebar: Desert Bus for Hope X has started

Desert Bus for Hope X has started and you should be watching it:

Final Boss Fight is going to MCM!

We’re pleased to announce that Final Boss Fight will be at MCM Comic Con in London from 28th –...

Sidebar: Truck logos

About 6 months ago I started a new job in Bishop’s Stortford, which is about 15-20 minutes drive down...


That map I told you about?  I managed to get it to work, it’s lagging a bit, though, Not...

The neat part

So I hit a block working on one of the maps for my game, and I’m not sure exactly...

A Hello from CWStudio

Hello and welcome to the development blog for Crescent Wing Studio I’m CW and I’ll be using this blog to update you...