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Awesome Voice Over Artist with a smooth voice.

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Made everyone in the stream cry during a Dungeons and Dragons game.

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5 different characters in 5 different voices.

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It's MCM London... Just a bit late

Here it is the MCM London video. Now I know, I know a bit late. But we will work on that in the future. And to that point, it's indeed we this time as my friend Ryan ...

Its Ben Again; Minecrafting with friend

The MCM eating challenge.... That turned into a review

Well the MCM video is on its way but in the meantime here is a food review that was supposed to be a challenge. So from a wasabi kit kat to caffeine chewing ...

One chip challenge part 2

Second part of the raw saved footage Enjoy. And watch part 1 it's more entertaining.

One chip challenge part 1

It all went wrong, not the challenge but the recording. My camera wanted to play games and for some reason even though I saved the footage apparently I can't ...

Its Ben Again; Ghost pepper peanut challenge and Final Fantasy XV

Here I am again testing my resolve and proving my lack of intelligence, enjoy.

I am going to be doing a stupid challenge today at 7:30ish

Well the title tells you everything, and this is more like a mini advert. So I will be doing a ghost pepper peanut challenge later and I would love for you to join me.

Its Ben Again; Vlog and Minecraft

Just playing some minecraft,building no direction city.

'Twas Whispered in Heaven

It's time for a riddle, I challenge you figure out the answer on your own. But don't worry if you don't get it, the answers at the end. The riddle was written by ...

MCM COMICON London May 2018: Let's have fun

Just having a laugh at MCM, and thought you know what, I want to give voices to some brilliant cosplays I came across. I mean why not. I must apologise though, ...

Ben Eats; Natto Beans (Full Length)

Due to an ill-considered bet, I now present to you a brand new series; Ben Eats. And this the first episode is Natto Beans, a Japanese dish consisting of ...

It's a fake commercial

Well you asked for it and I provided it. One commercial voice video, enjoy.

Time to get my makeup done

This is an old video that I came across while doing a tidy up on my phone, and well I decided that it was too good not to share. I was asked to be in a production ...

Nature in Games; Episode 1: Horizon Zero Dawn

A mock nature documentary in the game universe. Let's see if this was a good idea.

It's the obligatory Valentine's video

A lovely poem by Dorothy Parker, read by the voice guy to celebrate valentines.... My least favourite holiday.... Sigh well anyway do please enjoy and have a ...

The poem "Leisure" read by The Voice Guy

Well the title says it all, I read a poem with my voice.... Unlike when I read it with my mind... But that goes without saying. Anyways, It was suggested that I should ...

It's the voice guy

OK so going to be trying out this as new content. So if you want to have the voice guy say a quote, put it in the comments below.

Well here it is what you have been waiting for

Finally you get to see what I have made, the most horid thing possible... A copy of my face ;-)

The long video that is meant to be a short video, aka the face casting

Here it is, my plaster casting of my face, I was going to cut it down into chunks but sod it I thought I might as well put it all up in one go :-)

It's kind of a promo video

Its a promo for beauty and the beast :-)