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A crazy American sounding British girl who plays video games and has really shitty recording equipment cause she's poor..

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A not very good Game player who started doing lets plays on encouragement from My friend :) I work for the awesome FBF streaming group and am Glad to get into gaming more :)I hope I'm worth watching

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Half-life stream 11/24/2017

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Hey Lolirock!

Yeah cause I'm trash I've made another Lolirock AMV, and my last one for a while as I'll be starting a Silent hill lets play soon :) original so keep an eye out ...


An AMV using the metal cover of Megalovania from Undertale.

Angel plays Half Life! Training

So I was fiddling with my PS1 emulator.. and I think I broke it... Hehe so No persona vids for a while, instead lets play Half life! cause who doesn't love classic ...

Crystal Fate

My first Lolirock AMV another show I really like :)

Last of Us 2 Hype Video

Literally just a video gushing about the release announcement of The Last of Us Part 2 and the trailer. A full trailer review, Story theories, and Questions will ...

Lets Play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment EP 8

Finally reaching a level I'm satisfied with we move on to fight little Noriko, the girl from the start of the game who looks up to the former track star as a big sister ...

Caroline's Story Combat system preview

So I'm developing a game, sort of, Basically it's an unofficial sequel/sister game to 'The Last of Us' a Game I really really really like anyway A lot of map building ...

Lets Play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment EP 7

having defeated Joker Ulala we move on to the Zodiac club where people who have turned into Jokers have been kidnapped and taken to.

Lets Play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment EP 6

Sorry this one took so long I went on Holiday with the family :) had a great time, but I'm back no and ready to play!